Patient Recall Postcards

The following shows standard recall postcards and scripts the we have on hand for your usage.
Although the following show the suggested pairing of card and script, it is important to note that it is your
option to place any standard script with any postcard that you choose.

We can also accommodate custom orders allowing you to have total control
in personalizing your recall postcard to fit your needs.

Recall Postcards sell for $42.00/200 with the standard script.
To customize your postcard add $34.00 (for a total of $75.00/200)
Size: 5.5" x 4.25"


Item #251



Standard Message: Patient Drop Out Non-P.I./Work Comp./Finance

Dear Patient:
It has come to my attention that it has become very difficult for you to honor your agreements with our clinic, as evidenced by your repeated missed appointments.
Our purpose is to assist as many people as possible to achieve optimum health. We are committed to this purpose. I realize people’s goals and priorities change, however it is vital that we are kept informed of these changes.
Health is a precious commodity and we would like to help you stay as healthy as possible. As we are committed to your health, we would like to extend one more opportunity. I would like to invite you to come in for an appointment with me so that I can give you a Home Care Program to try to keep you as healthy as possible. If you cannot continue care the Home Care Program will at least allow us to keep the gains we have had so far.
Please give us this one last opportunity to help you. Call today and tell my staff you would like to schedule a Home Care Program visit. I urge you to contact this office as soon as possible and set up an appointment. Your health depends on it!
Yours for better health,



Item #183



Standard Message: Workers' Compensation Patient

Dear Patient:
Due to the fact that you have repeatedly missed appointments that have been made for you, I am concerned that you are not going to accept the recommendations which were given to you relative to your care at this office.
If I do not hear from you within seven days I will be forced to discharge you from my care.
I will have to notify the Department of Labor and Industry of the situation and recommend that your claim be closed. If you do not think your claim should be closed, you should call me immediately.
I will also make your records available to any other chiropractor or doctor whom you choose to see, if you were unhappy with our services.


Item #250



Standard Message: Finances

Dear Patient:
Upon reviewing your case records, I found you have discontinued care due to financial reasons. It is my responsibility to advise you that you are making a mistake by suspending your corrective care program. Many problems become chronic or return in another form because patients stop a care program once they are “feeling better.” Feeling better is natural and it is the first step in the permanent correction of the problem.
If it is a financial problem that is keeping you from receiving care, please call one of my assistants. They can make arrangements for monthly financial payment plans.
Please feel free to call me at any time and I will do my best to answer any of your questions.
Yours for better health,


Looking For You
Item #180


Standard Message: Personal Injury

Dear Patient:
It appears from checking your file that you have been unable to keep the appointment schedule I have made for you.
The injuries you received in your personal injury accident were quite severe and unless you keep the schedule I have recommended, we will be unable to ascertain your improvement should this case go to trial. Also, the jurors would not look favorably on your case if you did not keep your doctor’s recommendations.
I urge you to contact this office as soon as possible and set up an appointment. Your health depends on it!
Yours for better health,

Young Doctor
Item #187


Standard Message: Final Message

Dear Patient:
Our attempts to reach you have been unsuccessful. If it is your decision to discontinue care, I would like to let you know our doors are always open to help you in the future. I wish you good health. Should you need care, most returning patients do not require new lab work or x-rays. If I do not hear from you I will contact you in 6 months for your check-up.

Yours for better health,

Item #252


Standard Message: Sent to patients who were sent postcard #187 - Final Message

Dear Patient:

Maintaining a high quality of health is a number one priority. Everything you do in life depends on it.

We hope this card finds you feeling great. Our goal is to make sure you stay that way. It’s time for your 6 month check-up.

An appointment has been set for you on_____________________ at ____________. We are looking forward to seeing you. Please call to confirm or change this appointment.
Yours for better health,

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