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Energize Your New Patient Base With Our Informational Marketing Tabloid

These tabloids are already circulating the great news of chiropractic to over two million homes across the United States. Make your community a part of these millions.

Unlike generic publications these tabloids feature YOUR practice!

  • YOUR name, address, and telephone number on the masthead.
  • YOUR name, office, and phone number incorporated into each article.
  • YOUR photos throughout the tabloid.
  • YOUR specific office information on every page.

Your community will appreciate the helpful articles identifying and describing common ailments and because your name is right there in the article, they'll immediately think of you for relief. The unique stories on your practice, facility, and staff will introduce you to potential patients, while the special offer may give them just the incentive they need to visit you.

Not only do we give you the chance to reach out to your community, but we'll guarantee you a second area of circulation.* That means YOU, exclusively, can distribute these inserts in your area.

Best of all, state-of-the-art equipment and technology allow LK Graphic Communications to offer you this top-quality service at an unbeatable price.

With the America's Health Today, you can reach everyone in your community, make new friends, and bring in new patients at the same time. We've helped hundreds of chiropractors across the country to build their practices by educating their neighbors. We can help you too, with results you'll love.



A Cost Effective

The Benefits of Tabloid Marketing:
Reach thousands of potential new patients cost effectively. No other medium offers you this much exposure and information so inexpensively.

Customize your issue. We can customize your issue to fit your needs. This gives you an advantage to accurately market your practice to your community.

Target your market. Issues target a large variety of topics including back and neck pain, headaches/migraines, children, work place injuries, women's health concerns, and automobile accident injuries, just to name a few.

PROVEN RESULTS. The average response to this type of advertising is between 10 to 20 new patients per 10,000 issues circulated. That can translate into at least $10,000 in revenue.

How Much Does it Cost?
Your first 10,000 issues (minimum order) of this full-color tabloid is only $1,395.00. Each additional 1,000 issues is $79.00. No other product on the market puts out this much information in one easy to understand format at such an affordable price!

Plus - you can FULLY customize an issue to meet your needs. Change the name, write your own articles, use all your own color photos - all at NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Asked Questions
& Answers


















Q. How do I distribute these tabloids?

A. There are several options for distribution. The most popular are direct mail and newspaper insertion. If you choose newspaper insertion you will need to work with a mailhouse to determine which zip codes you would circulate. A good mailhouse can even help you eliminate certain carrier routes in a particular zip code so that you can best target your audience. If you would like we can recommend a mailing house that can best fits your needs.

Newspaper insertion is another way to circulate tabloids. In this case you would call your newspaper and ask for a price to insert a four page insert. We recommend inserting on a day that shopping coupons are in the paper but not on a Sunday.

Another way to distribute these that few people think of is to use them a workshops and screening, put in laundromats or grocery stores. Think of health fairs, county fairs, auto shops. The sky's the limit in the different ways you can use this medium.

Q. How much writing do I have to do to create a tabloid?

A. You do not have to do any writing. We have a library of stories to choose from Usually if you tell us the topics you would like to focus on we can compile an issue that fits your needs. We will even write the bios of your doctors for you if you fill out a basic questionnaire. Of course if you choose to write a story you are welcome to and we will accommodate your needs accordingly.

Q. What about photos?

A. You can supply us as many photos as you would like of your office and staff. Or you can choose from the stock photos we have to create your custom tabloid. We suggest that you supply some photos of your office and staff to personalize your tabloid. Photos should be standard 4" color prints with gloss finish. Please note that the better the photos quality is the better quality the end product will be.

You can also supply your digital photos to us via e-mail. Photos must be a minimum 3200 dpi (or 72 dpi - 24" wide) and JPEG or PDF format. We cannot accept any other format.

Q. I have some special techniques or services that I offer in my practice. Will you be able to include this information in my tabloid?

A. Absolutely. We have a collection of articles that cover subjects on decompression, weight control, acupuncture, massage, and various therapies as well as stories on different chronic conditions. You can also submit your own articles on specific techniques and services.

Q. Will I have an opportunity to review my tabloid before it goes to press.

A. Your satisfaction is our # 1 concern. We fax proofs to you so that you see the whole tabloid before it goes to print. Your proof can also be e-mailed to you in PDF format. If you'd like to receive your proof via e-mail, please request this at the time of order and supply us with your e-mail address.

Feel free to make as many changes to the proof as you feel necessary so that your tabloid reflects your practice. We will only go to print when you are completely satisfied with your proof and you sign off on the proof approval sheet.

Q. What is the turn-around time for a tabloid?

A. Generally, if you approve your tabloid by Thursday 4:00 p.m.EST, it will ship on Tuesday the following week. All orders are shipped from Belle Vernon, PA and will arrive at the destination you determine (either newspaper, mailing house, or office). At the time of proof approval we will give you the estimated date that your order will ship and the estimated date of arrival.

Q. How do I place my order?

A. Call one of our marketing consultants at 1-800-548-3676 to place your order.


















"We inserted 16,000 copies of this tabloid to subscribers in our city. The morning they were received we had numerous calls of inquiry, and actually made four new patient appointments that day as a result of the insert. In addition, our local Chamber of Commerce commented on the professional look of the piece and the Director of Human Resources for a large financial concern asked me when she could expect the next edition! Thank you for making marketing so easy and affordable for the profession."
D.M., Riverside Group

"The America's Health Today tabloid is the highest quality promotional piece I have seen on the market in my fourteen years in practice. I have used it consistently over the past six months and almost always get a 7 to 1 return on my marketing investment. Because it is upbeat and educational, even my patients comment about how much they look forward to receiving it. We average fifteen to twenty new patients with each distribution. Thanks to the America's Health Today my practice has developed the image of being modern, professional, and caring. Thanks again for putting out such a high quality piece."
C.H., Woodstock, IL

"Thank you for your help and input with my newsletter. It turned out great! I mailed 10,000 of the America's Health Today tabloid about three weeks ago and already I have had 15 new patients enter treatment. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."
M.K., Chicago, IL

"Let me say thank you for the professional service and quality of your America's Health Today. It has been very positive and has generated over 20 new patients. Most of all, everyone is impressed with the high quality put into your production work. Thanks again!"
J.B., New York, NY

"I would like to express my extreme satisfaction and gratitude to everyone at L.K. Graphics. The results of my recent America's Health Today were exceptional. I circulated 19,000 tabloids and have received over 100 phone calls. As of today, we have started 26 new patients as a result of this promotion and the calls are still coming in. Thanks again for making available such a successful marketing tool. I am looking forward to my next issue."
Y.H., Covington, GA

"I just wanted to make you aware of my satisfaction with the America's Health Today tabloid that you designed. We have received much praise not only on the quality of the articles, but also in its layout. We received approximately 15 new patients from the tabloid. I feel that the articles are well-written and scientifically supported. The chiropractic profession and my office were portrayed as responsible, knowledgable and respected. This is an excellent product that is well worth the investment."
J.C., Orchard Park, NY


How To Begin


















  • Mail or Fax Back Your Zip Code Reservation Sheet Immediately
    Include the names of all towns and their zip codes in your advertising area. To retain your exclusive area, we ask that you order inserts quarterly. Only by returning the signed Zip Code sheet immediately will you be guaranteed an exclusive area.
  • Call a Newspaper or Mailing Service of Your Choice
    You must inquire about circulation quantities for the areas in which you are interested and find out how far in advance of the insertion date the paper requires the material. Then verify the shipping address (where the tabloids will be sent) and inform us if it is a Direct Mailer or Paper Insert.
  • Have Photos Taken
    Professionally taken pictures will give the best results. Please take special care with lighting: dark photos make even darker reproductions. Photos should be color, gloss 4" prints. Suggested photos: doctor, staff, consultation, examination, x-ray, report of findings, office building.
  • Biography Information
    You may write your own biography or you can fill out our Bio Questionnaire and we will draft one for you.
  • Office Information
    We will need a list of your daily office hours along with a sketch of a map to your office, including written directions. We also need any emergency call information you want to include.
  • Special Offer to New Patients
    Detail the services being offered, including the special offer's expiration date, the special offer price, and the regular value.

We will develop a proof as we get information and send it to you (fax or e-mail). Carefully review the proof, and call us with any changes or corrections as soon as possible. Tabloids that are approved to print by Thursday 4:00 p.m. EST will ship the following Tuesday. (Schedule subject to change due to holidays or events beyond our control.)


  • Payment is required in advance for all printing. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. If you are mailing a check, your order will not be processed until your check is received.
  • We guarantee you a secured area of circulation provided you print on a quarterly basis and print your first order within 30 days of the date on your Zip Code sheet. We cannot guarantee against pirated material coming into your area. However, we do pursue legal action against copyright violations.
    The reproduction quality of the photographs you supply depends on their quality and composure. Polaroid photos are not acceptable.
  • Proofs are sent for your review and approval. You should reply promptly upon receipt of your proof. Failure to reply could result in a delay in printing which may result in missing your ship date. Any alteration in the ship date will result in a delay to when you will receive your issues. You will be advised accordingly and will need to make any necessary arrangements with your newspaper or mail house.
  • You should inform us if you are using your issue as an insert or direct mailer. LK Graphic Communications can not make these arrangement for you. If the issue is to be a direct mailer you will need to provide us with the indicia information.
  • Minimum order in 10,000 tabloids is required.
    Your first 10,000 issues is $1,395.00. Each additional 1,000 is $79.00/1,000.

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