Process New Patients Efficiently

It's a fact: 80% of a practice's revenues come from existing patients. Retention, education, and communication are key factors in building a practice and patient loyalty. And of course, a patient is not really a patient unless you can get them to come back for a second visit. This is where we can help!
The truth is, if a patient understands what their problem is and how it can be corrected they will continue care far after the relief phase of care. The 4-Day Report System efficiently educates new patients within the first 4 visits about the services you offer and how it can change their life. The detailed forms make processing patients fool proof and much more efficient. This system, developed by Dr. David Singer for chiropractors, accupuncturists and MD/DC practices is a must for patient retention.

The 4-Day Report System includes 50 each of:
• What is Chiropractic Pamphlets OR 3 Solutions Wellness Pamphlets • Function Pamphlets • Relief vs. Corrective Care Pamphlets
• To The New Patient Forms • Consultation History Forms • Insurance Verification Forms • Responsibility Pamphlets • New Patient Routing Forms
• Chart of Effects Handouts • 4 Phases of Care Handouts • Personal Appointment Calendars • Patient Progress Graphs

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What is Chiropractic

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Wellness Approach Pamphlet

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Function Pamphlet

Item # 273

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Also available in Spanish


Relief vs. Corrective Pamphlet

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Also available in Spanish


Responsibility Pamphlet

Item #221

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To The New Patient Intake Form

This is the ultimate intake form. It gathers all the pertinent information from the patient in order to get the best care possible. It explains the difference between relief and corrective care and asks the patient to make a choice between the two.

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Consultation History Form

The consultation is your chance to get a potential patient to realize that the symptoms that they suffer from are not normal and that it is time to do something about it. It is all in the questions you ask and this 3 page form steps you through those important questions, maximizing your chances to convert them into patients down the road.

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Insurance Verification Form

A staple for any practice. Gather the pertinent information needed to verify the patient’s insurance.

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New Patient Routing Forms

When do I hand out each form? This question and more are answered with the new patient routing form. This form helps ensure all procedures for the 4 days are completed. Tasks are divided amongst CA and Dr. Each checklist goes into patient folder so there is record that all steps to 4 day report were completed.

Item #195

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Chart of Effects Handout

Why do I suffer from the symptoms I have? This question is answered with this spinal misalignment questionnaire. Helps patients see that their symptoms are related to nerve interference at certain parts of the spine. Your patients will find this very interesting to see.

Item #021

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4 Phases of Care Handout

Used during the report of findings, it gives a patient a visual of the different phases of care. As you explain the phases you can write the estimated time for each phase as well as at home therapies needed. Patient takes with them as a reminder of action steps needed for their care.

Item #400

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Personal Appointment Calendars

These calendars are great to use when scheduling. Sixteen months are conveniently displayed on one page so you can schedule exams and office visits as far out as you would like. This product is printed on 2 part carbonless part goes to the patient, the other stays in the patient’s file.

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Patient Progress Graph

This form helps answer the #1 question a patient has: when will I be done with care? It is designed to visually track a patient’s improvement by establishing a rating system for the various tests used during an exam. Patients will be able to see the improvement they have made as each rexam is scored and charted on graph.

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