Reactivate Inactive Patients

Keeps Patients Motivated In Their Care

Encourage Patients to Refer

Recognizing that the key to successful relationships is continuing education, LK Graphic Communications is pleased to offer our line of newsletters geared to keeping your patients interested and motivated in their care.

Keeping communication alive is made easy by sending these newsletters to your patient base as well as to contacts you have made through workshops, business meetings or other functions. These full-color newsletters contain current information on topics that your mailing base will find interesting. This valuable tool woll not only reactivate inactive patients but will keep the rest of your patient base motivated in their care. This product is a must!

Topics Available:
Allergies • Auto Accidents • Sports Injuries • Weight

200 - $98.00 • 500 - $185.00 • 1000 - $330.00

These newsletters are 8 1/2" x 11" with a full color front. The back side can be completely customized by you in black. Add a special offer, additional health information, you bio, office location and hours - whatever you want to fit your office needs. You can even add your photo or a map to your office for only $15.00 more.


Allergies Newsletter

Item #886


Auto Accident Newsletter

Item #887

Sports Newsletter

Item # 889


Weight Newsletter

Item #888

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