Effectively Reactivate Patients Any Time!

Studies show that it costs far less to reactivate an inactive patient than it does to generate a new patient.

When you consider the referring value your patients have to your practice, you can easily see the
importance a consistent reactivation campaign plays in the growth of a practice.

Our reactivation invitations are designed to catch the receiver's eye and invite them to come to the office for a free adjustment and check-up.

We offer reactivation designs and scripts for all times of the year. And our reactivation program comes with the
complete instructions and scripts you need to make reactivating patients easy.

This is a low confront reactivation program that brings success. Just one reactivated patient pays for the whole program.

Call 1-800-548-3676 and get this great program working for you!

Reactivation Invitations and Certificates - Item # 1019
$230.00 / 200 sets
Each set includes: Card, Two Certificates (one for inactive patient and one for a new patient referral), and Envelope

Card Size: 8.5" x 5.5" folded to 5.5" x 4.25"

Certificate Size: 5.5" x 4.25"

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Sample Script for inside of card

and the time is NOW!

Dear Patient and Friend:
My New Year’s resolution is to help my patients start the year as healthy as possible and to make my care affordable to all that need it. I am inviting all my patients who I haven’t seen recently to come in for a free adjustment to get rid of stress and to eliminate any pain, suffering, or ailments they might have.
I especially want to invite anyone who might be having financial difficulties to come in for this free adjustment and to let you know we have a new program in the office to let you get our care if needed at a price you can afford.
My purpose is to help as many people as possible and I want to certainly help you. Let’s make this a healthy and happy year by starting off with this free adjustment. Call me and let my staff know you are coming in for a free visit and a consultation regarding any new problems you might have. You will find enclosed an extra certificate to share with a friend or loved one.

Yours for health, naturally,

Dr. Damian Ortelli, D.C.

3-Step Reactivation Program

Reactivate patients with three easy steps.

First, send inactive patients an invitation to come in for a complimentary check-up.

Second, if they did not respond to the invitation, send them a letter reminding them to come in for the check-up.

Third, if they still haven't responded, send them a postcard as a final offer for a free check-up.

Everything you need to implement this program is provided on our
3-Step Reactivation Package.

100 sets / $208.00

200 sets / $325.00

Each set includes: card, 2 certificates (one for inactive patient and one for a new patient referral), envelope (first mailing); letter, envelope (second mailing); postcard (third mailing). Cards, certificates, letters, and postcards are all imprinted with your information. Offer to patient can be customized to fit your office.

Sample Letter: (can be changed)

Dear Patient and Friend:
I recently sent you an invitation to start this year healthy by offering you the opportunity to come in for a gift of a comprehensive check-up and chiropractic adjustment.

We are now entering the flu season. Leading authorities have documented that stress makes one susceptible to getting the flu not only once but also a second time as well. Chiropractic care reduces the stress in your body and helps you to have more energy and be a healthier person.

Please do not miss this opportunity. Call us today to get your "Start the Year Healthy" gift.

Wishing you the healthiest and happiest of New Years.

As always,
Yours in better health,
Dr. Dennis Suade

Reactivation Postcard - Vitality
Item # 000

Reactivation Postcard - Clock
Item # 000

Back of Postcard: (can be changed)


Take advantage of our gift to get adjusted and re-evaluated. Your certificate expires next week.

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